31 March 2012

Season opens tomorrow!

I am really excited about getting on the water tomorrow, even if only for a few hours.
New patterns to take for a swim and, of course, my first session with the new Hardy Zenith 10' 3wt!! 

12 March 2012

patterns for the spring...

I decided it was time to get my act together in preparation for the spring, particularly for specific hatches including various uprights like BWO's and LDO's, Danica and yellow mays... so here's what's shaping up


Danica emerger:

Yellow may emerger:

mainly variations on patterns that have worked for me in previous years with the incorporation of stuff that I think I have evolved over the last year... 

2 March 2012

Sussex FDG

I did a talk at the Sussex Fly dressers Guild last night. We had a lot of fun talking fly pattern design and I demonstrated the Yarn Spider and the Pettis egg.

From Some of my fly patterns

From Some of my fly patterns

I also mentioned the Extended Body CDC upright pattern I've had so much success with over the past few years.

Sussex FDG thanks a lot for a great evening!