28 May 2012

The Mayfly have started... but the fish want a midge

Mayfly (E. Danica) nymphal shuck... moments after emergence.
Well the warm water got them out of their muddy little burrows. Shrugging off those fluffy nymphal shucks and heading for the surface to enjoy the English sunshine.

Freshly emerged Mayfly, drying its wings a foot above the water. I'm sure their tails are longer this year! 
But the fish didn't seem to be on the mayfly yet.

They really are a hearty meal for a fish aren't they?
A bit of stripped quill and a single CDC plume on a #20 Varivas 2200 BL.
I got one really good chub on an adult mayfly but the trout were more focussed on an extremely intense hatch of #20 midges. So I threw this little midget at them which did the trick...

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