6 July 2012

showing a good friend my new water

I moved to the UK 5 and a bit years ago and this week a good friend from South Africa was passing through on his way back home from some jazz fest in switzerland. I took him onto the Darent to show him how my arse had fallen so squarely in the butter...
The weather was drizzly initially and there was little insect life until after noon: and then the mayfly starting coming off and the fish got a little silly :-)

...and then we went to the pub to eat burgers and drink English Blonde ale.

nice seeing you again Bruce!


  1. Keith,

    I'm considering a Hardy Zenith 4 wt 10' for my "wet fly" fishing (usually a cast of 3 flies) here in the U.S. I've seen almost nothing posted about the 10' Zenith series in lighter rods (I have the 10' in the 6 wt and do indeed like it), other than your review of the 3 wt.

    The most frequent description of a good "wet fly" rod is "soft tip with a mid-flex action". Assuming that is accurate, do you think the 4 wt 10' Zenith fits that description and would be a good "wet fly" rod?

    Thank you.

    State of Oregon

  2. Hi Bryan,
    I would say the 9' 4wt is not "very soft" on the tip but the nature of the material makes it very sensitive to takes and good at protecting tippets. If I compare the 10' 3wt and 9' 4wt I would say the former is the softer rod and probably better suited to wets given the extra 12" for line control.
    I know it's not a definitive opinion but hey... it's a subjective thing. Maybe get to a store and borrow one for a day or at least cast it.

  3. Keith,

    Thank you. You mentioned and compared the 9' 4wt. What I'm considering is the 10', but in a 4 wt, not the 3 wt.

    Perhaps the 10' 4wt has the same "action" and is more like the 10' 3wt?

  4. my apologies, good point. the 10' 4 wt probably is a lot softer.